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When is this coming out in full release?

It's nice and cute. I'd like to see whole game :)

I really hope the full version happens sometime soon, this whole concept is so adorable!!

When is the full version coming out? I dont want to sound rude but its been almost a year guys D:


finally, racially inclusive gameing


THis game is awesome! I really like the character design, the background and the music! I also like all of the character's stories! I honnestly don't know which romance I prefered (well I have a soft spot for Violet but all if them were really good ^^ )If this is only the demo I can't imagine what the full version will look like!

Thank you very much! We're really glad you enjoyed the demo. We're excited to release the full game - our plan is hopefully sometime next year! :


This game is so professional looking! im just getting into it for now, and yet the art is lovely, the characters are lively and likeable, the backgrounds are FANTASTIC! and on top of that, even if its just a demo for now, its got a lot of paths for the player to choose, and six endings!? I cant imagine how awesome its gonna be when the full version is released, keep it up with the good work! this game is like a highclass dessert :D

Thank you very much for your kind words! We'll work hard to make the final product as great as we can. ♥