Real Life Woes..?

Hey, followers, I want to ask your opinion on something.

My day job has not been that great lately, and I have been looking for either a second or a replacement job entirely. Which is difficult, but whaddaya gonna do? So my time is being eaten by job-hunting and applications, and if I get a SECOND job instead of a new job, then my time will be further eaten.

And on top of that, my tablet is dying and I need to replace it.

I'm considering pushing MxH Beat's release date to Valentine's Day so I can have time to finish the routes AND do my job(s). I am working on MxH Beat entirely on my own, with no backing from kickstarter, patreon, gofundme, or any other such donations. I have been trying to work on the game during me free hours, but with the trouble with work and my dying tablet, I don't know if I'll be able to finish by January.

However, I also did promise it would be done, and I am hesitant to go back on my word.

So I'm leaving this to you. What do you think? 

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I agree with @oplay. As much as I am excited to play MxH Beat, self care is very important and you shouldn't have to stress and rush yourself to push this out when you have other important things to deal with first. So take care of yourself and I hope things get better with finding a job and everything!!


hello...i think you should take care of yourself first. im pretty sure we wouldn't be happy to burden you even if this is your passion. so please take care of yourself first and don't worry. we will always be waiting.