Hey, guys, me again with some....iffy news.

First and foremost: I am aware that I have already pushed back the release date once already. But things just keep popping up.

First: As stated previously, my work is cutting hours and I have been looking for a second or new job. Currently I am applying for a warehouse position which would be a forty-hour work week, and likely leave me exhausted the first few weekends. I have tried to negotiate with my current place of employment, but they have refused to grant me full-time or increase my hours. And the simple fact is, I need to work for my money.
Second: Something is going wrong with my tablet, which I use for art. My pen randomly stops working, the cord sometimes moves and disconnects the whole thing. I do not know if the problem is with the cord or the tablet, but I need to wait until I have some more money to buy a new one.
Third: It's cold/flu season and it's been hitting my area hard. I myself couldn't stand to work for too long, as I woke up sick and sore and tired. I feel better now, having taken some medication, but it did cost me precious work time.

I do not have a Patreon that I receive money from. I do not get donations from followers or fans. I have a Ko-Fi but my actual revenue from that is very minimal, as is my RedBubble. I have to work a day job in order to make any money before I sell games.
I am creating this game all alone. I do not have assistants or volunteers, I do not have a team to help work with me. I am doing it on my own, and I am working every single day to create it.

I promise, I am not going to be that dev who promises big things and then vanishes without releasing the game. I am going to finish this game, and soon, but

I ask that you please be patient with me. I may not be able to release the game by my previous deadline due to all of the above happening. But again, I am working DAILY on this, alone, with no revenue from fans, and I ask your patience.

It pains me to say this, and it pains me to have to say "Sorry, I might be a few more weeks." I wish it didn't have to come to this. But it has.

Once again, I am sorry and I PROMISE this game will be made - I'm not disappearing or failing to deliver.

If you can please bear with me, then thank you very much for your patience, and once again I am sorry it has come to this.

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Hey there! How are you doing? Any news?

Was really looking forward to this one but it's been over half a year.

I know, and I am still working on it. I have been given the job but with the long hours + commute + needing to use my money for rent and bills and other expenses, it's taking slower than expected. I will be putting this out, I just ask for patience and understanding. I am only one person.

Release on your own time! There's no pressure and honestly screw people who would want to pressure you. Your life comes first!