A downloadable kinetic novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Full Novel to be released 2/7/2020
Backgrounds will differ between demo and full release.

"There are two kinds of people in the world, is what I think. 

There are 'normal' people. Those people smile and talk easily, look people in the eye and laugh. Those people walk right up to strangers and talk to them, and come away as friends. They smile, they feel things, and they're just... Destined to be surrounded by people, it seems. They'll be successful and happy and loved.

And then there are other people, who are like me. 
We don't talk that easily. 
We don't even feel very much. 

At least, I don't."

Megumi Shimizu's life is routine and monotonous. Get up, go to school early, fulfill her duties as class leader, try to deal with Inoue, and go home and do it all again tomorrow. She has no friends, her life doesn't seem like it'll go anywhere...and she's fine with that.

She's used to it, just like she's used to the cold, numbing winters in her hometown of Ikigai.

Then one day, a new transfer arrives. A new transfer who is instantly liked by her classmates and teacher, who is everything Megumi is not. Bubbly, sweet, happy, social. 
And for some reason, this new girl, Hinata Mikami, thinks Megumi is nice and wants to be friends. And Megumi is stunned to find she likes Hinata too...

Little by little, Megumi's cold and unfeeling world sounds less and less appealing.

Featuring music by Forrest Lotterhos @ Achroous Productions

All art, backgrounds, writing and scenario by Kris/Butterfly-Latte


Warm Demo - mac 242 MB
Warm Demo - pc 260 MB

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Hey. I just finished demo. 

I usually don't like kinetic novels but I'm sure this one gonna be great.

Very sweet story and cute artstyle.

The story about the girl which likes her lonelyness meeting a girl... and here starts the story :) (and demo ends)