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Great Job! this game was great! super cute! the only semi-critical thing  that went through my mind is that the climax and ending felt a bit fast, but that  could just be taste! super cute kiddos learning to be friends!


Great game! 


This is a really sweet story! I think you did a great job of depicting bullying and depression realistically while also including a lot of cute and happy moments so that it doesn't get too intense to enjoy reading. I especially liked the parts with all four friends hanging out.

Amazing. Well worth a read.

This is such a sweet story! <3

i'm definitely gonna try this game, but before i do i gotta ask: ever seen shiki? XD


hello! im currently playing through the demo for the first time and im really enjoying it so far! i especially love the UI and the music! once i get the funds, i'll for sure buy the full game ๐Ÿ’›


Thank you for the kind words!

My composer, Forrest Lotterhos, did an amazing job with the music- he has the soundtrack available for free on his website, if you want a little musical taste of the full novel. โ„๏ธ๐Ÿ’›


Hey. I just finished demo. 

I usually don't like kinetic novels but I'm sure this one gonna be great.

Very sweet story and cute artstyle.

The story about the girl which likes her lonelyness meeting a girl... and here starts the story :) (and demo ends)